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Everything You Have to Know About Discovery Ads

Drive engagement with more traffic & reach your target.

Last year May Google has announced a new product that is “Discovery Ads” at Google Marketing Live event. We are in a world where we have less time and more options, this new ad format contains machine learning with a new placement option.

The Discovery ad intends to reach out to targeted audiences across the globe. It helps advertisers to show their products to potential users on Google’s popular properties. And you can find this at the top of Gmail, YouTube, and Discovery. These prominent ad placements reach the audience the moment before they search.  According to Google, 85% of people taking actions within 24 hours by discovering new products. This impact audiences to purchase from advertisers and it leads to deliver more ROI.

What are Discovery Ads?

discovery ads Discovery ads are visually engaging ads and this appears in 3 placements such as Google’s home page in both IOS and Android as well, On YouTube home page, and social tabs. People can find this on the Google search box on mobile devices and within the Chrome app.

Discovery ads appear based on user’s interests while they looking for new products or services. By this advertisers can reach out to millions of potential users.

Why Google launch the discovery ads?

Till now, Google ads were dependent on paid search text-based ads and it was the main source for revenue. It was always focusing on optimizing the paid search ad delivery and placements. The company has realized that it’s no longer possible to grow its text-predicated ad property without eradicating search engine optimization (SEO) so they decided to launch discovery ads.

And Google wants to make an easy way for advertisers to bring audiences from discovery mode to purchase mode. When the audience in the stage of awareness and started to think about services or products, Google brings advertisers in the front audience to move them searching to purchase steps. Because of discovery ads, the advertiser’s ads will appear more in the funnel.

Why advertiser should use discovery ads:

Let’s know about discovery ad is a good choice for you to advertise your products or services:

  • Discovery ads avail to increase conversions by visually magnetizing ads predicated on audience interest with less effort and less time.
  • You can reach new potential customers with the help of a discovery campaign.
  • This helps to drive more engagements with your brand across YouTube, Gmail, Discover, and more.
  • Discovery ads lead to an increase in brand awareness.

How discovery ads target the audiences:

Discovery ads depend on the audience targeting not on keyword-based targeting. In this, the advertiser can choose targeted audiences to display their ads.

  • Remarketing allows advertisers to target their ads to past customers or website visitors to reengage them who are familiar with your brands.
  • Geo-Targeting allows advertisers to target users based on age, gender, user interests, relationship, education status, and more.
  • In-Market Audiences are those who already started to search or browse and actively looking to purchase your products or services.
  • Life Events allow you to target who are getting married, purchasing a home, and changing jobs.

Otherwise, if you don’t choose any specific targeted audience, Google will target your ads to a wide audience and if you like to target more than one audience you can create several campaigns.

Discovery ads formats:

Google discovery ads offer two kinds of unique formats first is Standard Discovery Ads and another one is Discovery Carousel Ads. Advertisers provide different assets for Google to test different ad variations to show customized messages for different users.

Standard discovery ads:

Discovery Ads have some unique assets:

Final URL: Set a final URL to a page where users can learn more about your products or services and when users find ad information that leads to buying your product. And avoid inserting URL to the home page and it helps to make sure high ad quality and conversion rate.

Images: Discovery ads wants to inspire and stop your audience from mid-scroll on these high traffic pages. So Google discovery ads help to view your ad with bold colors and visually attractive for users. Google has many creative suggestions to get your ideas flowing.

You can add up to 15 different images to test your discovery ads and in different sizes to get more quality traffic.

Headlines: Advertisers can give five headlines, for each it needs to contain 40 characters.

Descriptions: Description appears below the headline and makes sure you providing customized messages to your ad. And here also you can upload 5 descriptions max 90 characters.

Business Name: Your business name will appear alongside your ads and it should contain max 25 characters.

Call to Action: You can choose a call to action key from the drop-down list i.e. Shop Now, Get Quote, etc.

Discovery carousel ads:

The carousel ad format is similar to the Standard Discovery ad format but permits users to scroll through all the images provided in a carousel format.

Advertisers able to upload 2 to 10 images and it should be square images or landscapes to be utilized as cards in the carousel. Google will displays the images as ads in order which you upload them.


Google’s Discovery campaigns help to find you more customers in an easy. If you are already doing media campaigns for social or video, you can start by bringing your richest creative assets and most engaging messages over to Discovery ads.

Dollarbird Technology helps you to set all kinds of campaigns to achieve your targeted results. We work closely with clients to communicate and discuss their key audiences across various platforms and devices.

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