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Managerial Issues Arising During The Software Development Process

Software Development is the complete process of developing a site or application which contains the procedures of:

  • Every project has a unique and distinct goal.
  • The project includes a time length.
  • Every project ends when the team achieves a goal. Hence, it is a temporary phase in the lifetime of a business.
  • A project needs sufficient time, staffing, financial, material, and knowledge-bank resources.

So, this process leads to achieving the final intended software product for your client and audience.

But software development is a sector facing project failures in the world. Because having a poor software industry base leads to a high failure rate in developing the software projects. So this leads to some common issues in the software development process.


Here Is The List Of Management Issues That Arise In The Software Process

List Of Management Issues

Why do Issues Emerge In the Software Development Process

According to the research, 60-70% of project managers are not well trained & use their experience to handle the projects. Communication and leadership skills are significantly less; this lack of soft skills can’t satisfy the clients. Managers can’t understand what is going on next and they cannot tackle the problems through their conversation.

An important point to note here is that the technical skill of the manager is essential. If managers don’t have any technical expertise to handle the issues, and the project may fall into trouble. So the result is going to be failure. But a manager having technical knowledge is essential for managerial skills.

The above-discussed problems are common in the software development cycle. Better Management of staff can tackle these problems.


Soft and Hard Skills of a Project Manager

According to the research, 74% of software development projects face difficulty because they don’t meet the budget, cost of unplanned resources, unsatisfied clients because of late delivery, and lack of technical skills.

Many organizations spend a lot of effort and money to train the managers and team members. Still, they don’t achieve the results because there is no time, no proper planning in scheduling for special project delivery. If managers are not well trained, the above problems may arise.

A manager should have soft skills like being concerned with managing and helping the team members. A manager should choose the developers to work on a particular project. The next step is to assist the team in gaining the knowledge required for the project.


Levels of Management

Every organization has different levels of management like roles and responsibilities may vary at different levels. 

  • High-level Management: Defines the project issues that often hold the project’s vital importance. 
  • Middle-Level Management: General Manager or a Project Manager: who needs to plan, motivate, organize and control the team. 
  • Low-level Management: Assistant Managers who produce the technical skills necessary for a software project.

Implementation of Project Management in Software Industries

Good project management is advanced and implemented in the same way as other essential business functions. These business practices explain the abilities you should improve by software organizations or those who provide software support for clients.

  •  Schedule estimation time for a project [time/cost/hour estimating].
  •  Client Satisfaction [budget to date and quality].
  •  Arrangement to key business objectives. 

Project Management plays an essential role in every organization. So building the proper project management is an integral part of an organization.


Common Issues in Software development

Issues with Time Management

  • Deciding brief timeframe 
  • Wastage of time by the team 
  • Wastage of time by manager 
  • Wastage of time due to the incident 

A manager of a project always gripes for a short period. Because of the project manager who doesn’t focus on-time scheduling and resources. Sometimes, the client allots a time period.

A manager is the face of the project. He should know the skills of team members, it plays a vital role in assigning the task to the team members.  An organization should use past experiences for upcoming projects.

Issues with Finance Management

  • Short budget 
  • Late payment by the client 
  • Improper use of budget 

Finance is an essential issue for management; sometimes, the budget allocated for the project becomes insufficient. It creates a problem for the administration since they are liable for the smooth flow of the development process. Without a sufficient budget, it is not possible.

If a client doesn’t make payment on time, it will be an issue for the organization. It creates a dilemma for the Management because they handle all the finance-related problems, i.e., the employees’ salary working on a project.

Issues with Manpower 

  • Poor determination 
  • Untrained employees 
  • Lack of trust among team members
  • Mentally unconfident teams 

A manager is responsible for choosing the experts who work for a project so that management does not suffer severe difficulties regarding staffing working on the project.

A lot of issues are faced due to poor induction. Sometimes, it is because of the improper training of the team members. Initially, the employee should be trained before assigning the tasks for better performance.

When a team is allocated for a project, trusting each other is essential to lead them to success. If a project fails, the team gets mentally disturbed and loses their confidence, and this comes under the management.


Responsibilities of the Management

  • Responsible for the project 
  • Accountable for the fluent flow of project 
  • Proper training and guidance of its team members 
  • Assign work to the team’s members according to their expertise 
  • Responsible for time management 

In every organization, management is the most responsible unit. All levels of a manager must be aware of their duties and perform according to their responsibilities and skills.

The above-discussed information is the management’s responsibility, and they should follow all steps with the help of the development team.



A significant thing for managers is having both soft skills and technical knowledge. They should manage the resources like people, hardware, and software.

Management plays a crucial role in developing the projects. A smooth flow can be achieved if management issues are addressed appropriately.


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