Domain Expert

Location: Mysore

Experience: 3+ years


Job Purpose:

To provide an expert solution to our existing client, find out ways to optimize things in a better way including troubleshooting the client’s tech stack with a 360-degree aspect. Also, he/she will be responsible for understanding the entire ecosystem related to all types of companies involved in Digital marketing such as Publishers, Advertisers, SSPs, DSPs, Agencies, Networks, Trading desks, Exchanges, affiliates, etc. where this position will be acting as a bridging gap between client, sales and operations.


Your tasks and responsibilities:


  • Must have
    • Excellent knowledge about the entire online digital advertising ecosystem
    • Good understanding of major platforms like DV360, DFP, Appnexus, Google Analytics, etc in terms of operations and optimization
    • Good to understand the different business models like Network, Affiliates, agencies, and platform functions like DSP, SSP, Exchanges, etc
    • Sound knowledge about programmatic bidding and prebid functionality.
    • Good knowledge of basic and advanced excel
    • Robust background of online advertising domain
    • Effective communication and upselling skills
    • Should be able to understand the exact needs of the client and provide at least a probable solution as a proper consultant



  • Should have
    • Ability to analyze and solve the complex problem related to non-performance of the campaigns or business models
    • Consulting ability with clients to suggest better ideas to improve the overall ROI
    • At least a little knowledge about the HTML, CSS, and database functionalities.
    • Understanding of ways to find a violation or to replicate it
    • Good understanding of how to examine the network logs on the page
    • In-depth knowledge on RTB calls and other bidding issues


  • Build our digital marketing roadmap
  • Bring data-centric approach to execution
  • Develop specific campaigns to create and maintain high levels of customer interaction


  • Requirements


  • Should have at least 3+ years of experience in the media domain
  • Solid knowledge of online marketing tools and best practices
  • Familiarity with web design is a plus
  • Excellent analytical and project management skills
  • Strong team management and communication (written and verbal) skills
  • Education – Graduate


  • Employment Type – Full time
  • Seniority Level – Manager



About a Company –

Dollarbird is an emerging leader in online media operations. With expertise in ad serving, media planning search management, content management, email management, social media marketing, reporting, and data analytics, rich media, video, and mobile, we help customers to execute their digital media strategy more effectively. As a start-up, agency, or small to the medium-sized business you may not have the internal resources, hiring budgets, or expertise to manage your online digital campaigns. Dollarbird.Inc can on-board instantly to help get you started and to make sure that your advertising campaigns are managed for success. Our list of services includes Campaign Execution and Management, Campaign Optimizations, SEO (search engine optimization), Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pin interest, Instagram, Google Plus), Re-Targeting, Analytics Implementation, Audience Targeting, Data Analysis, Detailed Reporting and much more. Dollarbird.Inc utilizes a combination of proprietary and popular ad technology to ensure your campaigns exceed your goals. With over a decade of experience, Dollarbird.Inc has earned a reputation for service and proven results. Also, Our operations teams are very highly experienced and perform all the operations tasks in the most accurate and efficient manner. Our teams are very well equipped with the necessary resources to fulfill all the required technical services without any kind of compromise in the quality of our services.


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