PHP / WordPress Developer

Location: Mysore

Experience: 1 to 2 Years


Job Description:

PHP and WordPress Developers are computer programmers who specialize in web app  design and CMS Development. Developer duties include determining the structure and design of web sites, striking a balance between functional and aesthetic design and ensuring web design is optimized for smartphones.

Developers are required to work in teams alongside Front end Developers, Graphic Designers and User Experience Designers to ensure all elements of web creation are consistent. This requires excellent communication, Problem solving and interpersonal skills.


  • Reviewing requirements and interface designs.
  • Identifying web-based user interactions.
  • Determining the structure and design of web pages.
  • Developing features to enhance the user experience.
  • Striking a balance between functional and aesthetic design.
  • Ensuring web design is optimized for smartphones and SEO optimization.
  • Building reusable code for future use.
  • Good understanding of and requirements for and Solving it
  • Optimizing web pages for maximum speed and scalability.
  • Utilizing a variety of markup languages to write web pages.
  • Maintaining brand consistency throughout design.



  • Understanding of key design principles.
  • In-depth knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP and WordPress.
  • Front End development with strong skills in JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5; emphasizing on
  • JavaScript DOM manipulation.
  • Experience in jquery and Ajax
  • Must have sufficient knowledge in PHP Frameworks like Codeigniter
  • Experience with Relational Databases like MySQL and SQL.
  • Must have knowledge in query languages, and idea of custom query
  • Good knowledge in WordPress and CMS integration
  • Must have knowledge of WordPress and plugins and Themes and their customization
  • Experience in e-commerce plugin integration.
  • Knowledge of shortcodes and Custom shortcodes
  • Knowledge of Advanced custom fields and elementary and its usage
  • Knowledge of custom post types and wp-query, Tax query etc.
  • Good interpersonal skills, Communication and Research skills
  • Familiar with the concepts of basic programming, data structures, types of variables, callbacks.
  • Version Control – Git: Pull Requests

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