Media Planning and Buying

Execute ingenious marketing and media strategies with us

Optimize your budget, reach maximum audience in least possible budget with media planning & buying solutions by Dollarbird


We Plan a strategy, fill the ad placements, and negotiate your media planning and buying techniques.

We at Dollarbird, while choosing the right media channels for your businesses we consider a variety of key parameters like the current Industry trends, events happening, buying and purchasing habits, etc. By leveraging valuable insights gathered from the media planning data, we negotiate and buy ad space across multiple channels for the success of the campaign.

The support Dollarbird provides to our clients In media planning & buying is – our experts understand your objectives and creatively brief them. We will first help to find the most appropriate media platform to advertise your company product or service.

Next comes Media Buying where our client chooses the networks to show their ad. If not, we choose the ad network based on their requirement. We are experts in involving your media placements locally, nationally, or globally, as per your requirements.

Why you want to pick Dollarbird…

Our media planning and buying services ensure optimal buys in less time so that your businesses can enhance brand value and get extraordinary ROI. Together with calculated planning and strategic analysis, we devise a buying strategy that is efficient and effective for your business campaign. We have a team of talented specialists who identify the proper targets and trends to deliver the key message and drive profitable sales.

Why you should work with us.

  • Optimizing the revenue/investments
  • Recognizing the target buyers through comprehensive market research
  • Recognize consumer interest & behavior
  • Finding the right audience which is most respective to the messages delivered through a medias
  • Provide creative strategies to motivate buyers to take action
  • Examining the data analytics, retesting, and modifying the strategies for ad placements & messages to get the better result
  • Best Deliverability.
  • Global Support.
  • 24×7 customer support.
  • Tracking and Reporting.

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