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Testing is Becoming a Source of Troubles?

Dollarbird offers comprehensive QA and Testing services for all enterprises across any form of industry. We specialize in delivering end-to-end application testing, setting up testing, QA strategies at the lowest cost, desired quality, and ensuring delivery at the right time.

QA and Testing services help businesses to ensure their software field which is fully functional, secure, reliable, and user-friendly. Dollarbird is ready to take up testing projects of any scale and complexity, which offers an effective quality assurance process and enhances your software quality management strategy.

We give you a wide range of testing and QA services for your websites and applications. We constantly work on multiple QA requirements with our structured processes, tools, and techniques, and we adapt with ease to the industry expedition.

We are experts in various QA/testing like performance testing, functional testing, manual testing, automation testing, and security testing. Our professional approach facilitates the enhancement of your brand.

Following are the testing process we follow :

  • User Experience Testing: Visuals, workflow, and interactivity of your apps that helps to give a first-hand impression to your end-users
  • Functional Testing: The efficiency of mobile app functionality is important to get success and it’s difficult to predict every end user’s behavior and usage scenario.
  • Performance Testing:
    There are such quantitative criteria to use for estimating the performance of your apps.How great are your apps responding to user requests?

    How fast your app’s screens are loading?

    Is your app debilitating the phone battery or causing any memory losses?

    Does your app advantage network bandwidth efficiently?

  • Security Testing: Our QA and development professionals follow some important steps to measure whether your app is secured or not.
  • Device and Platform Testing: This testing process might vary from mobile app development to web app testing. We provide various options for testing your devices on multiple platforms. You just don’t get stuck to testing your web apps or mobile apps just on the chrome browser in a windows environment.

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