About Dhruva Sunkad

The loss of Dhruva made us realize how important a person is, to a company. Sales stands as the main core area for expansion of business and finding people who do sales in an extraordinary way is a boon to a company. He was one of such kind, he was constantly pushing himself forward trying to churn out new ideas, used his own creative intangible ways to maintain a good relationship with Clients and co-workers. His smile added meaning to whatever he did. He took ownership of his own role and also a company as a whole.

Apart from Work personally he was a charming person, always trying to encourage people and created a comfortable environment to all. He lit up the room as he entered in a gathering.

As there is a saying A warm Smile is a Universal language of Kindness, he proved it right.

Client Condolences

Tribute from Dollarbird

We were not ready to let you go,
Our hearts are feeling really low;
We’re trying to let our grief aside,
Knowing that we will meet you on the other side;

Our eyes are filled with your warmth,
And the efforts that you put forth;
Your soul is now in a heavenly place,
But we’ll always remember your smiling face;

We share condolences to his Family, friends all his near and dear ones. He was a great asset to Dollarbird and a great friend to all. We believe that his soul Rests in Peace. He himself was SUCCESS, we feel honored and privileged to have known him, and He will always stay in our thoughts and be a good example to all of us. Tenderly may time heal our sorrow, softly may peace replace heartaches and may the warmest memories remain.

Dollarbird Family will greatly miss you...