Who We Are ?

Solutions Redefined

We are the creators of your dream projects who accelerate at a quicker pace. We are those who give accurate output on technology licensing, information, and purpose-driven systems of world-class category talent. We have a bunch of technical implementers of your merchandising strategies, to not simply survive, but thrive. We'd like to place learning and development at the forefront. We have a tendency to grow ourselves and facilitate the growth of others.


Why Dollarbird ?

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dollarbird dollarbird

We are more of
Technology & Innovation

  • A complete technically planned and well-targeted digital end-to-end solutions
  • We build customer loyalty and create a reputation for being easy to engage with
  • We provide and maintain adequate outputs In-time
  • We are always available for you – 24*7*365
  • We do increase brand loyalty and drive online sales
  • We help you to get strategies and techniques for more traffic – only highly targeted traffic that delivers results

Our Story

A Journey from ordinary to extraordinary!

All it took was one determined thought!
We all know that when a person is in his low state, he either tends to give up or decides to become an influencer. The Founder of Dollarbird, with all his might and struggles, chose to be an influencer, and that’s where the story starts.

After a lot of struggle, in the year 2010, he decided to start a new journey but with a different approach, while there were a lot of people-oriented approaches going on in service providing firms, he decided to stick on with a process-oriented approach. As his career began in digital advertising, he decided to dwell in that area of serving.

Why the name Dollarbird?
How interesting is it to see the beautiful colors in the actual bird with the name Dollarbird? In the same way, we wanted to grow in such a manner that we also made our clients’ lives colorful, we decided to fly to different levels along with our clients, hence the name DOLLARBIRD.

How did it all start?
It all started with two employees, one client, and one service, always keeping the vision alive in the work we offered, and that has transformed Dollarbird to be a company that has 100+ employees, a huge client base, and 40+ services. It all started with a different approach that lighted up the whole world of process-oriented services. That’s where we make a difference.

As much as our clients are important, our employees matter the most to us, what is it without the employees? we could not have made it this far without the trust and support of our clients and employees. In all this we never let our vision die in us.

Meet The Team

Meet our team who are getting better day by day in building trust, conflict resolution, commitment, accountability, and results. Our team members are straightforward and transparent about their thoughts with each other to build trust between one and another to strive towards walking in the direction of success.

Chandrahasa S K

Founder & CEO

Sundar S

Chief Operating Officer

Yogesh Jadhav

Chief Revenue Officer

Ohad Nakibli

Director of Sales, Israel

Robert Lutsky

Advisor of Sales, North America

Thain Breese

Advisor of Sales, Canada

Shalom Charles

Sr Manager - Sales & Marketing

Jayanth N

Director - Client Services

Vikas M

Manager - Operations

Amaresh Patil

Director of Technology

Ravikiran S

Sr Manager of Technology

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