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Database Collection

  • Prospective research 
  • Data Mining
  • Database Building 
  • Data verification 

Our team has years of experience in the field of data collection and has assisted a lot of businesses in various industries in obtaining the data that they require. Tell us who your target audiences are, and we have your back when finding them for you. Taking precautions to ensure the authenticity of our data and web sources is important to us. We offer our clients fast and flexible data collection options to reduce operating costs



Lead Generation

  • Data cleansing
  • Lead generation
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Optimization
  • Strategizing engagements
  • Conversion of leads to Clients

Using segmentation, prioritization, strategy, engagement, and simplicity as our lead generation technique, we help your target audience relate to your brand. Our research team manually analyzes and evaluates each lead we deliver based on your targeted customer profile. We strive to ensure that your sales team is provided with individuals who meet your business’s expectations



Bulk Email Validation

  • Finding the email address
  • Verify 
  • Check the deliverability 
  • Providing status of accuracy
  • Boost your email deliverability

Is your campaign performing poorly or landing in the spam folder? Sometimes it is better to use the traditional method of checking whether the email addresses are active. In spite of the fact that there are many free tools out there, our data is still verified manually. Our finding methods are 92% accurate. We developed our own tool to help us operate efficiently. There may be a lot on your list, but our process is simple, and the results are worth trying



Cold Calls/Emails

  • Cold Calls made in a day – 5000+
  • Conversions – 45%
  • Cold Mails in a Day – 10,000+ 
  • Conversions – 40%

Throughout the years, we have been able to create many success stories for our clients as a result of our skill in developing engaging and niche sales scripts, launching quality sales pitches, generating quality leads, working within their timeframe, and running email campaigns that have been tailored to our client’s specific needs. Using techniques that enhance deliverability, we ensure 96% of the emails are delivered




Tools We Use

We are the one-stop solution providers – for all your customized We empower you with the brilliance to make the decisions that today and build a better future for your business tomorrow. We provide end-to-end capability right from design to development to marketing, and customized services for your products that are simplifies business complexities




You will have your own SDR who will work solely on increasing sales for your business.

Yes, once we assign a resource for your project, you can utilize the resource the way you want during working hours.

Yes, you can hire more SDRs to focus on each region for better efficiency in work.

We provide both services, based on your interest.

We have access to a huge amount of data. However, if the target audience that you specify is not in our database, then we will collect it from scratch.

Each task is updated by the team on a daily basis, along with the time taken. If the client requests a report, we share the details.

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