Group choreography classes for kids, Bollywood dance fitness classes for Teens and Adults, private lessons for couples/families for special events and even corporate workshops.

New Jersey, USA.

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Clients Requirements

The intention of  the client was to create a new website, as she was starting her classes with new identity. And had students already onboard and wanted to be frequently active on social media. And wanted to increase the number of students. And the main motive was to make the people to be consistent in daily fitness and nutrition habits.

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Project Challenges

The prerequisite was straight and simple, as the target audience was huge in number. So it was a bit tricky to visualize as a user. As it was related to the fitness for teens, adults and middle aged users.

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Our Solutions

But we were successful in making the brand identity accordingly. By representing the design with suitable colors, typography and theme. And the suitable images were provided by the client which was very helpful.

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Logo design

The purpose of logo is to represent the brand, The created logo is for a fitness related academy, who’s visualization is to enhance the academy with good number of students.

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Color Palette

Color plays an integral role in how we perceive the world. Consequently, it can radically affect how we perceive a website.

The used color scheme is gender neutral colors, as the target audience are both male and female. So the commonly used are ‘Muted Purple’ & ‘Dark Turquoise’.

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The used fonts give the more corporate look to the website, the reason for choosing fonts ‘Poppins’ and ‘PT Sans’ . It is highly readable, which makes it an excellent choice for both web and mobile.  the same time ‘PT Sans’ has distinctive features of contemporary humanistic designs.

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The icons are exclusively designed for the website which basically have curved edge. Which helps to represent the content graphically, bring essential content to the point.

They are a great attention grabber and help the website visitors to find and scan content.

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Development and Testing

Software development is the process of designing, coding, testing, and maintaining software applications. It involves a series of steps, from defining the requirements for the software, to designing and coding the software, to testing and deploying the software to end-users. and it is a dynamic and evolving field that requires a combination of technical skills and creativity.

Testing is a process in software development where a product or system is evaluated to determine whether it meets the specified requirements and functions as intended. Testing is an important step in ensuring the quality and reliability of a software or product before it is released to the market.

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