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Blog spine is dedicated to producing the latest search news, the best guides for the changing lifestyle of the Modern Era.

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Client Requirement

The client demand was the website which provides blogs for the audience in multiple categories like, Food, lifestyle, entertainment etc,. and to promotional ads.

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Project Challenges

The categories displayed in the website had more number of blogs and the placement of blogs with respect to the feature blog along with the ad banners was a bit tricky.

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Our Solution

The organized user experience flow was designed to come up with the problem initially started with the mind map and converted them rough wireframes and then digital wireframes along with the final designs.

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Logo Design

The logo comes under a text based logo, as the concept of the website is blog website. With the design element which can be used as the favicon and even for the print purpose.

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The font used is ‘Century Gothic’ which is Century Gothic is a digital sans-serif typeface in the geometric style, released by Monotype imaging.

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Color Palatte

Although Colonial pink is a tint of red, it has some very specific associations beyond those of red. Pink represents sophistication, sincerity which is the maxim of the client. And even the grape purple is often associated with nobility, power, and ambition. And along with that Blue zircon, green pea and white are used as the balancing colors.

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Development and Testing

Software development is a dynamic and evolving field that requires a combination of technical skills and creativity. Effective software development requires collaboration between developers, designers, and other stakeholders, and a focus on delivering high-quality products that meet the needs of end-users.

Testing is a process in software development where a product or system is evaluated to determine whether it meets the specified requirements and functions as intended. Testing is an important step in ensuring the quality and reliability of a software or product before it is released to the market.

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