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Do you suffer from obesity or a weight-related condition? Dr. Ravi Rao and his team at Perth Surgical and Bariatrics can help you at one of several locations in Western Australia including Perth. We offer weight-loss procedures such as gastric sleeve, SIPS (SADI-S) bariatric surgery and Roux-en-Y (RNY) gastric bypass including removal of lap band. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

New Jersey, USA.

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Client Requirement

The intention was to increase the number of patients, very rapidly. Wanted a very high end marketing. As their previous website had multiple number of pages which had a very good SEO ranking. And their existing brand (Perth Surgical & Bariatrics) already had a set of users as the doctor is well experienced. Our task was to make the client more recognizable.

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Project Challanges

The client was very particular about the sections created, as it was related to the surgical filed. As the SEO ranking was good so, we didn’t have much flexibility in user experience part. So our task was to make the website look more attractive in user interface perspective.

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Our Solution

The intention of using the particular blue and white color is to make it look more trust worthy and gives a corporate look. As their intention was to make it more recognizable, so we planned social media campaigning and created the social media posts for marketing.

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Logo design

The purpose of logo is to represent the brand, The created logo is for a technology related company, who’s visualization is to enhance the companies revenue with valuable clients.

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Color Palette

The selected colors where used in the previous UI designs (according to the clients requirements) the hue’s and tints have been made more subtle. Which makes the design look elegant.

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The used fonts give the more corporate look to the website, the reason for choosing fonts ‘Roboto’ and ‘Montserrat’ is to show the content representation more clear and readable.

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The icons are exclusively designed for the website which basically have curved edge. Which helps to represent the content graphically

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User interface design

The UI interaction elements are decided keep the users persona in mind, it is created with the contrasting colors. The design has been implemented with bootstrap method to make the website user friendly of dark theme. With the contrasting colors.

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Development and Testing

Development is the process of creating a software or product from scratch, or improving an existing product. It includes Objectives and goals of the project, Requirements, Architecture and design, Development methodology, Risk management plan and Quality assurance plan.

Testing is a crucial part of software development and is used to ensure the quality and functionality of a product before it is released. and it is a valuable tool for ensuring that testing is done efficiently and effectively, and that the product meets the requirements and expectations of stakeholders.

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